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Looking for a software...


Shai Gar

Something to have voice chat, host files, and post descriptions.

Voice Chat
Written Threaded Conversations
D4,6,8,10,12,20 Dice rolls that everyone can see.

Anyone know anything like that?
Doesnt Ventrillo do that?
I suggest using any given VOIP program (Skype is fine, Ventrilo is a bit less bloated) in combination with IRC.
IRC does have file transfer capability (DCC), and you can use the dice roll scripts I keep mentioning.
Hows abouts: IRC with ventrilo/teamspeak server info in the MOTD, there are web scripts that will allow you to build the IRC chat into the forum system.

BTW: I've heard that Teamspeak is superior to Ventrilo. Havent compared myself though since the gaming communities that i'm into all use Ventrilo.
Did it work?