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Libri of Veneficus.

Discussion in 'Spirituality and Mysticism' started by Shai Gar, Jun 23, 2009.

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  1. Shai Gar

    Shai Gar Guest

    What books of magic have you collected, or are hoping to get a hold of?

    My meagre, but budding collection:

    The Satanic Bible
    The Satanic Witch
    The Satanic Rituals
    Aleister Crowley's Complete Works

  2. OP
    Shai Gar

    Shai Gar Guest

    Thanks to torrents and E-Books my library is about to grow by about 80 books on Tantra, and 300 books on the Occult.

    I'll use them, but damn it'd be nice to have the physical books.
  3. OP
    Shai Gar

    Shai Gar Guest

    Just purchased four books on the Kabbalah.

    Reading these Introduction anthologies makes me now want to find; The Bahir, and The Zohar.

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