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Motor Jax

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May 5, 2008
so, i grew up watching soap operas (tks mom)... and even now, i don't mind one being on any weekday , just for background noise...

... but one thing i have realized is that a lot of the soap opera personalities are of the ExFx types...

... and that is why they stick to so much drama...

... comments?
I'd say you need a life....but you'll get one in what....three more days?

... ok, i chuckled...

i'd say, as soon as i get there, we go hit some bars up... :)

*wimpers in a coy tone*

... i need help getting this thing called "a life"...
I'll help ya whimper.

But by the time I get done with ya they won't be coy anymore!

I bet you start your school and then get involved with one of your classmates....and then spend the next 18 months rendevousing in various truck stops and rest areas all across the country.

Bring a whole new shade of meaning to the name 'Motor Jax'....

'MJ came Here' will soon be adorning countless picnic tabletops and bathrooms all across America.