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J vs. P - what's the everyday difference?


Sep 5, 2009
J vs. P: how is this evident in your lives everyday?

Are you a high or low J/P or a good balance of both?
I'm a high P. Nothing get's sorted, done, or planned. I live blissfully amidst chaos.
I have them both, but I don't have a balance of them. I certainly have a higher J, but the P is there.

The J helps me lay out plans for the future, but the P prevents me from setting things in stone. The J allows me to make decisions quickly when needed, but if it's a big decision then my P pushes me to search for options. Once the decision is made, I do not look back, and that would be my J.

You can say my J leads, and P supports.

In terms of organization and sorting, my J is the only ruler in that area. I like things organized, classified, categorized, etc. I have folders for every subject I study at college, my work, papers, desk, books and notes are all very well organized. I sometimes create Excel sheets or Word documents to keep things organized or gather all the class info and grading schemes in one document for reference. You will not see papers lying around aimlessly on my floor, unless they are unimportant and those end up in the recycling bin soon enough.

My J would explain my fascination with places like Staples. :tongue:

You could say I am 90% J and 10% P, and P comes only in decision making, because I think there should be flexibility and careful assessment of different scenarios when planning for the future (especially if there are big decisions to make). =)
I'm a pretty clear P although I do borrow J traits when I really need them.

I really got to think if I want to get things done,and yes, things get done. Just not automatic. I do alphabatize my DvDs and Games... and I put my books away by size. other than that, things are in losely catagorized folders or piles.
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My J is very very developed.
My P is lacking quite drastically...
Most MBTI tests I take place my J at 1-11%, kinda low even for an INFJ. I think I was much more J when I was younger.
J manifests itself (for me) in terms of long range planning. It forms the basic framework of what i want to do, but the final shape is unclear-P works here for the flexibility I need to change or improve things as I go along. On a day to day basis P generally rules with J having the upper hand if I have difficulty going along with the flow. J also manifests when, once I make a decision, I feel better than before I make my mind up about something.