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Is America heading towards Market Socialism?

Not exactly, because "America" isn't a single entity when it comes the economy. Those supporting the (partial) nationalization of the banks are usually not the same as those embracing free market principles. The government is involved in a multitude of economically important areas, many of which are under the radar when we talk about their activities.

I guess we could be moving towards a system resembling Market Socialism, though, only with the government insisting that it isn't happening.
We are heading toward hope and disaster. That's all I seem to hear anymore. And if the banking system collapses the government has to do something. After all it has a lot to lose.
le sigh...America is in big trouble...I do not know enough about it but what i hear on the news but tired of seeing stocks crash...tired of hearing about government owning vast amounts of shares in banks and insurance companies...Tired of local goverments doubling tax on everything from tanning beds to ciggarets. School funding down, unemployment rates highest its been here since the great depression...
With America nationalizing its banks but still embracing free market principles, does it seem like America is headed toward Market Socialism?

It won't happen. To many Americans have an irrational fear of anything remotely resembling communism and even though socialism to a degree would be beneficially the American people will not embrace it. We as a country are too selfish and we often don't care about our fellow citizens. We are all so worried about us we forget about the health of our country.

Until we wake up, we will not move past our current system.
yep it is.
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Well one thing is for sure: Market capitalism seemed really lovely until the disadvantages started to poke their ugly heads around the corner. Now the same people who would have upheld the virtues of non-governmental interference are advocating Neo-Kensian social market capitalism. Only time will tell if they have their way.

One must be aware that market socialism also has its negative aspects - I live in Germany: Trust me - I know!!! Market capitalism with some form of responsible leadership and/or standards would be nice, but it seems that most people think the government is the only one who can step in and decide. Hmmm....