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Intuition..get this.


Life's a ride
Aug 21, 2009
Okay, so I made an enemy at uni (not really enemy, just kinda person that rubs you the wrong way..) She added me to fb, but I never really associated with her. Out of the blue, this afternoon I decided to unaccess her profile to my account, and guess wat? She walked right past me few hours later (having not seen her for like 6 months!) We acutally saw each other and pretty much remember who we were

I remember this afternoon, I had a very strong feeling to put her in place..i.e. not a fb friend, this is just so weird, I kinda have raised trust in intuition weird...
I'm sorry for asking, but, what's an fb?
fb= facebook

I don't see how this little event makes you enemies though? Loads of people take me off their friends list, and I see them still. I don't really care, or if I do, it doesn't make us enemies.
Maybe that was just your deep seeded temptation to prune your friends list.
It's okay not to be friends with everyone. Its possible to love humanity as a whole whilst not having a friendship with every individual - that would be impossible. So who you choose to direct your time and attention towards is your own choice and one that you're perfectly entitled to make. :)