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Insomniacs Lullabye


I am who I am.
Apr 17, 2009
I stumbled upon this song and immediately thought of you. My favorite forum, friends, and many insomniacs. I suppose we tend to suffer by lacking the ability to sleep, perhaps because our minds just will not quit when we want them to. I go through this often, but thankfully only in short phases...

Anyway.. it's just a simple sweet song called Insomniacs Lullabye by Haleybop

A dedication from me to you... <3


~also just a side note... I was going to post this in your blog Dragon... but I didn't want to hijack your space. :)
That is fine. I found it here, thanks. I wont get to listen to it for awhile though.
This is a really intelligent song. I can't say I like it musically, but it definitely conveys a lot of thoughts and feelings.

Side note- Posting on my blog doesn't matter because at this rate its going to sink to the back. Its really more of a rant than a blog, not a real blog.
Ah, dneecey. Love ya. Thank you for sharing this.
<3. ^^ I mostly liked the song because of the emotion it conveys. I like the way this girl thinks through her music.