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Shai Gar

Good concepts, soppy bullshit.

What the fuck is wrong with going to a comic store, and picking up a Batman/Superman graphic novel where they're sharing the same body, and a Dragonball Z comic, from the last pages of the Buu saga where he's extraordinarily powerful...

Shit, or why not call up Thor, or read Fellowship of the ring and grab a bunch of elves from rivendell to help you?

stupid morons.
But you never know who might disappear in their place? (I don't really know, I didn't get around to finishing the second half of the book . . . ) *blush* Though I think I might've risked it. Perhaps T.H. White? Merlin could be a quite helpful ally . . .
So walk into a crowded street with noone you know, who cares who disappears then?

Screw Merlin, I'd have called on Manw