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this seems interesting

In section In movies you can find that Hermione Granger and Lisa Simpson are both INFJ.And, for my gladness, I find that Jane Eyre character is also INFJ.Thats royal,my favourite chgaracter is INFJ so as I am:m1:.I have read Jane Eyre today and I am so HAPPY,that she is also INFJ.I think, that Jane character fits in INFJ description.So, go in this site and enjoy:m129:.Another interesting site:

Trinity from Matrix is INFJ!!!!.Such a great movie and character.I am so glad!!!
Hermione is in no way an INFJ. I'd assume that an INFJ would actually create something original like the INFJ dumblydoor did. Hermione only used other peoples spells.

I think that Dumbledore is ENFJ.And Hermione seems very ENTJ to me.But other people have different opinions. I always want to be like Luna, she is certainly INFP.
I've GOT entj friends. They're highly creative.

an ENTJ would still be as creative as the weasley twins were.
weasley twins are ENTPs, but an ENTP is very close to an ENTJ, especially in creativity.
Weasley twins are ENTP?Members of Gryffindor are ENTP?!You must be joking!No way,they are certainly ENFP.Tell me better what do you think which HP character is INFJ,except Dumbledore, because I think he is rather ENFJ.
they're highly creative, funny, burn for justice, are highly scientific and are nearly everything in the entp profiles.

perhaps lily evans
For me seems ENTP profile very slytheriny....Lily Evans?Maybe. Myrtle seems to me as ENFJ.
Hum said this in another thread aswell.. But i guess this thread is better..

Kyle from Kyle XY, INFJ?