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Hi Everyone! Before you get out your torches and pitchforks... Yes, it is true. I am an ENTJ, and female, if that matters. (though to be perfectly clear I do sometimes test as borderline ENTJ/INTJ).

I'm engaged to an INFJ, who I've been with for six years. Oh, and he's amazing :). Without sounding like a braggart, I think ENTJ/INFJ is possibly the best combination out there.

Yes, we ENTJs are more than a handful. Sometimes we come across as/just plain are cold, mean, demanding, overly critical, etc. . . but all of that loveliness aside, for he and I, being in a relationship with someone who is in many ways our opposite has been beneficial for us both. He needs a swift kick in the arse to get going sometimes and I need to have someone tell me off when I'm being overly bossy/critical.

Our relationship has helped me learn how to express my emotions and how to accept/empathize with the emotions of others, and it's helped him become more comfortable in directing people, engaging with groups, and looking at situations in his personal life more pragmatically. He's had some serious emotional hurdles along the way, and learning to be more analytical has helped him not let the situations consume his life.

I'm sorry for those of you who have had less than stellar relationships with my "brand" of people. I think it is less their personality type than it is plain respect. . . if both partners feel safe and respected, things will work wonderfully. :m032: