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I'm an ENFJ! Woo hoo!


Sep 25, 2009
As the title states I've finally taken a more accurate version of a personality test and my results are ENFJ. To be perfectly honest, that type suits me even more because I've found that my original results as an INFJ didn't really suit me. I first took the MBTI many years ago in college and perhaps I was in a different mood that day because over the past year, I've taken another personality test on separate occasions and each time it reads "ENFJ". However, I've read that ENFJ's are a little different from other extroverts because there are moments when we can drop off the radar and seek some quiet time when we're feeling as if the world is getting too much to handle. But, when I checked out the ENFJ forum I honestly felt at home since we're all goofy, love to talk, a little "grandiose" but in a good humored way, very bright, charming and we love helping people out; some have likened us to "chameleons" because we have a tendency to blend in a crowd and get along with a lot of others. I talk to a lot of people at work, engage in conversations about anything however they're mostly acquaintances since I only have a small handful of very good friends that I trust completely. I enjoy meeting people but sometimes I find they tend to be boring or misunderstand me thereby leaving me feeling alone, too. Hence, I always wondered why I never seemed to quite fit in as an introvert or extrovert. I've always felt like a "loud mouth" in front of very introverted people but not as outgoing as other extroverts. But when I'm in one of my "Captain Jack" moods, I'm a total goof and perhaps a little "odd"; I love to entertain, wave my hands around, make funny faces and make people laugh while being able to laugh at myself. C'mon, life is too short to be down!! Mind you, I care deeply about the world and society, sometimes I care so much that it becomes a heavy burden and that's when the silly switch is flipped on just as a defense to keep from going nuts.
For now, I would like to thank all of you who've welcomed me and I may still pop in every now and then. Keep in mind that as an ENFJ, people tend to make us a little nervous too since we don't like to make others uncomfortable and we can tone our behavior down to accomodate those who are a bit more quiet but we love to ham it up just for your amusement. Sometimes we just love amusing ourselves, too.
Thanks again everyone and have a super fantabulous day!!!
Shame you're nowhere near the ISTP master race.
I always believed that INFJs who become ENFJs are just well developed INFJs...so they're still INFJs. o_O
I always believed that INFJs who become ENFJs are just well developed INFJs...so they're still INFJs. o_O

I can agree with this.

I still have a really hard time deciding which type I am. I'm a lot of both, and that is normal as we develop. INFJs develop more and more into ENFJs, and ENFJs develop more and more into INFJs.
Yes, I flip between E and I, I think due to how much human contact I had during that day. Glad you found yourself.
I think I may have been ENFJ for quite a long time, or living that way anyhow. The older I get the more happily introverted I become.
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