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If you could write a book...


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Jul 10, 2009
I forget
And there were four characters, one with an Artisan temperament, the other Guardian, the third an Idealist, and the fourth a rational, what would it be about?

It doesn't matter which one is the main character.
That is a curiously interesting question! I've been thinking about writing a book for quite some time...

James Joyce has significantly influenced the way in which I envisage a story. My book would likely be a similar semi auto-biography to that of Joyce's Portrait. The main character would be the "Idealist" (an INFJ more specifically) seeking some future harmonic vision or goal ... that would loosely be me. The Rational would be my close companion, who by using his intellect would seek a similar ultimatum as me but likely wishing to approach that end via different means. The Artisan would likely be my romantic interest who hypnotizes me with her blissful beauty... And finally the Guardian would be a priestly figure/mentor, who wishes to instill his conservative traditions in my newfound liberality.

So I have no idea what the plot of the book would be ... but hey its a start!:m059:
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I can't wait to read it :) I've got a feeling that if authors have four characters like these in a book, their book will become popular.
Once not long ago there was a forest in the deep mountains of the Karakayucan valley far away in the west. Guille was the chief of the village and guardian of the forest. Guille was a very charismatic young man, with very high idealisms on how to improve the quality of life in the village and at the same time maintaining all the secrets of the forest spirits. He was ambitious, strong-willed and each of his decisions were made for the well-being of his people. Not many people agreed with his idealisms, Threru was one of them, he believed that nothing needed changing in the village and that all of his idealisms were mere fantasy. He was a very hard worker though, and followed the code of law above all else. There were others as well such as Mikau who didn't care much about law unlike Threru but enjoyed living more in the moment and running around the village helping people to become more aware about the world around them. He liked Guille alot but she thought that he took life too seriously and should have more fun in the process. Then there was Mayu the old wise man of the village, he was the most attached to Guille and his ideals. He was a very important character in this place due to the fact that he knew all the answers to all the questions about life in general. Nobody liked him(except Guille) because he was not very nice with others and was always secluded in his library studying about the works of the mind, however, his knowledge was thus respected and his ability to turn dreams into reality.

I just made this story up but it's your homework to figure out who of the following 4 characters is who: The idealist, the artisan, the theorist and the guardian.
It sounds very good.

I'd guess for the characters:

Guille: Idealist
Threru: Guardian
Mikaku: Artisan
Mayu: Rational

Creative names by the way. Thank you for not naming them stuff like Bob, Jane, Steve, Kurt, etc.