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"If I were in charge of things..."

Flavus Aquila

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Mar 14, 2009
Idea behind the thread:

Instead of just brooding about what you would change if you could - post it.

If I were in charge of things, I would forbid the posting of more than one street sign / traffic control every 50m.
I hate strips of road with about a hundred signs regulating everthing from parking times, speed limits, concealed driveways, no u-turns, bicycle lanes etc. etc. etc.
And the sign said, ya got to have a membership card to get inside. Ha!
Honestly, if I were in charge (and unopposed), the world would be in pretty bad shape. Think "benevolent dictatorship," only with Irish motifs. I leave the running of the world to more qualified and mentally healthy individuals.
99% of the worlds wealth is owned by 1% of the worlds population. I would even this out by making it illegal to earn more than the equivilent of £80,000 a year. Anything earned over this amount goes to the government.

All this money is then paid out in contracts to non profit organisations to develop poorer communities. Helping to set up new businesses etc, therefore creating jobs. The minimum wage should be raised, this would be funded from the same money for the businesses that can't afford to pay their staff extra. Any one should be able to see how every penny of this money is spent by going on the website.

This would stop the big corporations taking the monopoly on the market (because there would be no point) and therefore leaving more opportunities for small businesses. Spreading the wealth.

And anyone with over a million pounds in the bank has to give all that to the government too.

Of course if I ever become a millionnaire I would be exlcuded from this. I have a note from my mum
I would change the warning label on peanut butter from:
"Warning: May contain traces of peanuts" to an arrow pointing at the label.

Peanut Butter.
People that complain about everything at a restaurant, give the waitress a hard time, get the manager to give them their meals, and then leave without leaving a tip........................
would be escorted into the kitchen to cook a meal, wait on a table, and clean up behind the people they waited on, including washing the dishes.
Out-of-towners that do not leave a tip because they will never be back would have to be charged a 15% gratuity as they leave.
Jealous and envious, spiteful, hateful, idiotic people that have nothing better to do than to try and bother someone to death, including getting friends to help them, would be placed in jail for a week every time they bothered someone on purpose.
Arm-snatching, screaming, yelling, monstor-looking faced parents that do not know how to correct their children properly and in private would be tarred and feathered in front of their child and the people that were watching.
Rapists would have something removed the first time. The second time, they would have something else removed.
My country would have a city of criminals. Anyone caught outside of the city could be shot on sight.....by anyone. Let them have to live or try to live in a city where everyone is like them. Let them see how it is to have things stolen from them.
Judges, lawyers, public officials, and the law that take advantage of others because of their jobs would have a special jail for them inside their city of thieves and criminals, who would be their jailers and watch over them.
Bankruptcy laws would have a good preening, and any new businesses starting up with the use of any old family members of the old bankrupt families would be scrutinized with a heavy eye.
People taking advantage of health and welfare programs should be fined and possibly jailed for awhile, as the intent of such programs is good and not meant to be stolen from.
Illegal aliens' children should be illegal aliens. Just because they were born in a country should not negate the fact their parents or parent was engaging in criminal activity and were somewhere illegally.
Crimes committed in prison and in jail should receive the greatest punishment. People are people and they make mistakes, but those taking advantage of others in house should receive such a damnation things would be safer for those making bad decisions and big mistakes.
Minority bidders should cease from having advantages in the bidding processes of government bids, as many merely have placed businesses in other's names just to take advantage. Who is the real minority when tax time rolls around, anyway?
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Everyone would have access to good healthcare, proper sanitation, an adequate and nutritionally fulfilling diet, and decent opportunities for success, Having over-populated the earth completely, we'd be branching out to destroy other planets by now.
Dude seriously, this thread title scared the crap out of me.
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