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Ideological Criticism

Discussion in 'Philosophy and Religion' started by HolySmoke, Nov 1, 2008.

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    Oct 2, 2008
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    We are an accumulation of thousands of years of wisdom, if we so choose.
    No, not everyone is a saint and some of us prefer to "run with the wolves", live in love and find our own happiness, against the grain, but we are intertwined.

  2. Shai Gar

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    “Do not strive to work for others, for one can only live for ones self, if you achieve, in this way, for the betterment of mankind, then your achievement means more to the world, and as a result, to yourself.” - Shai Gar

    There is an attitude that human beings are moulded to fit the market rather than vice versa where childhood is a training for employment instead of a time of play and education, this is indeed a frightening poverty of vision.

    The human condition is ill suited towards serving at the expense of ones self. Each person has their own requirements, ambitions and desires, to sacrifice these is unhealthy, to sacrifice these in order to voluntarily slave for another is insane.

    As William butler Yeats once said “life is not meant to be easy, but take courage child for it can be delightful” what he meant by this is that life contains hardships, however these hardships are not what life is, life is delightful, life is fun, pleasurable and we should enjoy it. Our societies current idealology is that life is hard, and we should continue persevering nonetheless against the self imposed odds to gain more and more money, and keep the governments and commerce going. This destruction of the self for the gain of the few is unhealthy and will eventually turn in on itself, one would hope however that when this inevitable revolution of thought and attitude occurs it does not drag with it many lives of people who wish to defend, to their own detriment, these social rots.

    Advancement of any Human Society requires freedom of body and mind from the institution and dogma of serfdom. A majority of human history has been periods of restriction, censorship, suppression and stagnation. This is most evident in those periods of time referred to as “The Roman Times”, “The Dark Ages”, “The Renaissance”, “The Industrial Age” and “The Information Age”, where institutions such as the church, FDAA, Monarchy, and Multi-National Conglomerates hold back human advancement for a variety of reasons, but mostly in order to keep the status quo and those in power, to keep their power. The freedom of body is required in order to allow give people choice and movement enough to do whatever they choose to do. The freedom of the mind is by far the most important of freedoms, and this requires education without bias, free access to books, discussion and the quiet monologue of the mind in order to sort through ideas, philosophies and guide their life with logic and reason as opposed to superstitions, idioms, social constructs.

    The most important criticism of the idea that people should work for the markets as opposed to for themselves is that human beings are gifted with the greatest blessing and worst curse, mortality. This universe is to most humans conceptions, eternal, it is in its early stages and it has many many billards of gazillions of eons to go before it even becomes slightly aged. Compared to this, what are we? Fleeting ephemeral beings with no real impact on this ultimate reality, so what we do does not matter in the long term to society, or to the universe, it matters only to us. if we choose to create in order to benefit others, then we should do so of our own unmanipulated will, and then live our life for our own pleasures, whether these be for altruism, searching for knowledge, or hedonism.

    People do choose to work for others, these people are saints. Our society should not attempt to create saints out of everyone without that person taking the choice to do such. or else this is slavery of the mind and body, and the one true crime and sin against ourselves in this world.

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