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Ideas for my new blog


The Romantic Scientist
Feb 8, 2009
I'm in the process of making a blog that deals with social and enviroment issues that are affecting our planet. I'm going to post my introduction to receive feedback of whether or not this sounds to ficticious/idealistic and that may prevent other people to take it seriously. I'm really serious about this, so if you think that I'm just having fun writing this and that I'm actually not planning to take a realistic approach to things, just let me clarify that I'm actually putting my life in risk for posting this in the public since I live in one of the most dangerous cities in the world where I could get murdered for saying things such as this that I'm about to post. So please all I ask is to receive constructive feedback and if you're actually interested in contributing to my blog I would feel honored and in debt to you. Goodnight everybody.

The Purpose of this Blog
Juarez, Mexico, Population: more than one and a half million people, industrial city and border to the United States. I was born here. Once a city known by it's many factories and employment across the country, now it has become a barren wasteland where violence is an everyday thing and the government hasn't done enough to eliminate these chains of events that are destroying our once prosperous city of dreams and hope for people who come for a better future. That future has been clouded by drug dealers who are trying to take ownership of the plazas to sell their junk. I'm really sick and tired of presencing this and being a bystander of innocent civilians being murdered for being at the wrong place at the wrong time. I want justice for those hard workers in this city who are trying to do the moral decision of staying away from these evil merchants. I don't want death for these people but I do want a fair trial where they can pay for the crimes they have committed. Our children don't have to see this, they deserve to live in a better world into which fantasies and educations should be their only priorities; not death and poverty. We have a vast amount of army soldiers at our disposal but they haven't done what we are expecting of them to end this right away. I have to admit though that they have done some things but unfortunely not the necessary. Therefore, when the government can't provide us with the means necessary to live a happy and safe life, we the citizens of the country have to stand up for our own rights either by overthrowing such government or taking matters in our own hands. However, I'm afraid this easier said than done since the majority of the population here are terrified of saying anything that might compromise their safety, do you blame them? Politicians are being bribed by the druglords themselves to let them operate in a hassle-free way. The police, judges, and all the other people in between don't have our trust anymore and I'm not saying that all of these officials are the same but it's a tendency.

Social issues is not the only topic I'm trying to portray here but also enviromental effects on our day-to-day basis. These are not only affecting us on the short run but will also affect our future generations to come. We as inhabitants of this planet have the responsibility to give to mother Earth the same care as she has given to us by not contaminating our natural splendors but at the same time trying to come up with other alternatives to live a good life with all the luxuries that come with life. After all, reaching our own "Nirvana"is our ultimate goal in my point of view and I understand that it may differ from person to person but when it comes to our own rights to live in a world free of opressors and violence I'm afraid that we cannot compromise indifference to those people who wish to selfishly threaten that. This is where the citizens of this planet have to stand up and fight for what we believe in.

All this may sound as an idealistic approach to matters in global scale but we must start from somewhere or else we will never arrive at our final destination. Those who have that calling that you came to do something important in this life, this is the chance to act upon that calling. Come on guys, what are we waiting for?

So this is my introduction to this special blog that I've formed thanks to many people that have inspired me to do it. I'm aware that I shall face the opposition of those who think that there's nothing wrong with our planet, I respect their point of view, but please, if you have nothing to contribute to this life investment please don't bother to comment in this project that I'm willing to undertake.
CDW will help you. When you write the blog, put facts.

I liked the beginning by the way.