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I do believe I'm becoming a robot.


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Mar 1, 2009
If you had asked me months ago I'd have stated that I was an INFJ. Any MBTI test I took would inevitably come out as INFJ, and I always answer the question honestly based on how they apply to my life in the current moment.

Strangely though, most recently, I've found that the tests have given me INTJ over my F cousin. It doesn't matter what I do, it seems my feeling has simply evaporated into its tertiary.

Is this normal? I'd suppose it is since all people change given time, but I have a bit of disagreement toward turning into the Robots known as INTJ's.

PS: No offense to actual INTJ's. :|
Don't worry about it. What you get on a test doesn't change who you are.
No offense taken. Us INTJs aren't just robots, we're amazing robots. How many times did you take the test with the result and were you in the same mood each time?
Zero, are you under stress? I tend to demote Fe when under a lot of stress...
Yeah, me too. It's kind of a protective mechanism I think.