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How would an INFJ upset another INFJ


The Romantic Scientist
Feb 8, 2009
I was just wondering: I know we are all different including people of the same preference type, we all come in different colors and flavors. But if we use the same cognitive functions(Ni,Fe,Ti,Se) how is it that we may see things differently and therefore get into a conflict situation amongs ourselves?

I know that personal values and beliefs play a role in this but I've witnessed how two INFJ's hate each other so badly but still making decisions and perceive things based on those functions but in a different way. Many people on the other hand think that because you're the same as others you will become very best friends but now I know this isn't true, sometimes that doesn't happen.

DISCLAIMER: I may have to edit some parts of this post later because I don't know if it makes sense lol
Just because two people think the same, does not mean they will come to the same conclusions. INFJ's can be incredibly stubborn when it comes to forming there own ideas and conclusions (and I am no exception to this rule). Because we can become so set in our ideas and ways, even when someone of a similar thinking patter comes along, if they are set in there ways as well, it will be impossible for them to see eye to eye.