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Dec 10, 2009
For those who have had hallucinations, what type were they and what were they like?

Were you frightened and confused? Or did you embrace it? Did you know you were hallucinating?

I'd be afraid to admit hallucinations given the stigma of being thrown into the "looney bin".

I saw your post a week ago and I see a "spin-off" post titled Do you worry you're insane? which is what you are asking, although in a less threatening manner, at least to me. Just thought it was an interesting reaction, not criticizing your writing or anything. I am pretty direct and would have written it the same way.

There is something strange...in the neighborhood... who you gunna call?

There is something strange about how many individuals throughout history have believed they are Jesus Christ. I was shocked when I read the history of Jones Very (August 28, 1813 - May 8, 1880) who thought he was "the man", saying "I am the Second Coming". There are many cases of this. This happened to me. It scarred my soul. Oddly and optimistically, I feel it was a lesson. "Let the chips fall where they may."
Hmmm...I was wondering who would break the ice here...heh heh. Thanks.

This happened to me. It scarred my soul. Oddly and optimistically, I feel it was a lesson.

How long did this last? How were you scarred and learned at the same time?????

I am always interested in "altered" states of consciousness. I have a general belief that time only exists in this dimension where we can interact with each other. I believe I am pretty ageless in this manner. Times I allow myself become too involved in Earth, I start popping out gray hairs... heh heh

and because we can't hang a clock in sub/un/alter consciousness, humans have a tendency to not believe it is just as real as now. also, because it's kind of lonely in those places too.

Sometimes when I am asleep, I feel as if I am in my Mother's Womb. I sleep in a ball on my left side....

I used to be afraid to admit stuff like this, but my fear was because I was feeding off of others' fear....

My main hallucinations have been auditory. I hear things all the time. I was never as aware of it as I am now as a parent. I "focus" my ears in the directions from where I want to hear things.

If I don't have the music I want to hear at a particular moment, I can force myself to hear it as if it is playing right next to me.
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I've had lots of "experiences" through meditating and also some definite hallucinations from hospitalization and the drugs they loaded me up with.

Oh and I just remembered I randomly hallucinated during an MRI one time, no drugs or anything. It was odd, I was floating in space for a brief moment.
When I was a teenager, I woke up in the middle of the night in a cold sweat and saw what to me looked like the devil, standing at the end of my bed, observing me. I watched it, aghast for a while, and it was staring back at me. I was terrified, honestly. I didn't know what to do, but I closed my eyes, and when I reopened them , it was gone. It took me ages to calm down though. It was at a time when I was quite convinced of the reality of demons. In retrospect, it was clearly a hallucination - a projection of my fears.

In more recent times, about two years ago, something similar happened. I had an awful nightmare, of what appeared to be a hospital ward, and someone dressed in a white gown stalking along the beds, which had sleeping occupants, with evil intent. I was conscious enough within my dream to know something awful was about to happen and forced myself to wake up before it did. I was filled with dread and terror, and the robed being in the dream had seemed so very real, that I had to get up, make a cup of tea and go sit in another room for a while. I opened the curtains to reassure myself of the world outside, but that's when I saw someone stood opposite, next to one of the shops, wearing the same white robe. Simply standing there, looking up at me. I freaked out. Again, in retrospect, clearly a hallucination, but it seemed so real at the time.
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How long did this last?
Roughly a two week period.

How were you scarred and learned at the same time?????
A lot of the experience dealt with fate, specifically lack of free will, of a choice. In Stephen King's television movie The Stand, there is a scene where a lady character states, "this is hell..." this atmosphere came into my mind. Hell had become a reality to me. All of my life to that point was now seen in a light that confirmed that, I simply didn't realize what everyone else did. That this place is hell. And guess who I thought I was? Coincidentally, it is taught that Jesus lives in all of us by most, if not all, Christian sects.

Here is a good example: The movie The Village, okay? Oh yeah, SPOILER ALERT! (I like to be courteous.) Toward the end of the movie, the audience discovers that the story wasn't set in the same time period that is assumed. So now, imagine your a teenager in this life, not hard to do for some of you. And imagine that everyone above the age of twenty three knows that humans can really fly, for example. What I experienced has this quality to it; that I was "hearing", that is, discovering what every adult knew, that evil ruled. Also, the worst part, is that people kept it secret because it was an unspoken rule. What I learned about myself is hard to put in words. I learned when push comes to shove, I am weak and a coward. If there is no God, or if God is the devil, we are doomed. I learned to do the best I can do and simply hope we will be taken care of, that the just will be rewarded and goodness is not for naught.

Look up Jones Very, my experience is a common specific mental episode where people come to believe they are Jesus Christ. The people this happens to, seem to be passionate, sensitive, introverted, religious men, though there is a case of two women during this 1800s who thought they were Christ. There is even a Korean Christian sect called the Unification Church. Their founder (Sun Myung Moon 1920 - ) believes he is Jesus.
I've had a few experiences, but i don't want to revisit them. But yeah, felt like i was in a daze, half sleepy.
I suffered from sleep paralysis a lot as a child and into my early adult life, and it was always accompanied with malevolent visual hallucinations. I hated it.

But once I discovered how to overcome it by remaining calm and praying a lot, the events went away for the most part. I think I may have had a few incidents in my early 30s and one within the past three years or so but they don't affect me anymore.

When I finally discovered what was happening (about five years ago) it helped me overcome the issues and reconcile them.

But on a regular basis, no. I don't like hallucinations and I don't like having to confront them.