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George Lucas

I wouldn't because he spends all his time holed up in his Skywalker ranch no one can get to him. What a strange cinematic career that man has.
Crazy. That's a type, I'm sure of it.
I've read a long a time article about him. He didin't sound crazy or pompous, but very cooncentrated on his goals. He knows what he wants, he was very intersted in mythology during studying, private (as someone said, he lives in ranch). A little bit of control-freak...
It's interesting to note the many directors who, through their film making process, submit a lot of their own personal difficulties to the public indirectly through their medium. Like it's not what's actually in the film, but how they made the film that gets them attention. Hitchcock being a good example. Ingmar Bergman had serious issues with his favourite actress/wife. I wonder what types they are.
But it is interesting, knowing the process of filming. I always watch documentaries about making the movie on dvd (special features:).
On INTJ forum thy think Lucas is INTJ. He could be...
Oh yes special features on DVDs, where would we be without them? INTJ sounds about right. I think Bergman is an INFJ, if that's true then the world just became a better place for me, lol.
He was intersted in relationships...Seeing our subforum about relationships, you might be right (or wright?...spelling:)
Infact, I'm pretty annoyed about people's assumptions that filmmakers, especially directors, have to be extroverts. It's a reflection on the cinema people consume I suppose. Most people watch mainstream american tv/film and that's what you get. But thats the equivalent of eating only food from one country. That would be unheard of today, the cross contamination of foreign cuisine is the staple of cooking. I suppose the majority of films I watch are not mainstream and from countries other than America and England. What you can learn socialogically about a country from their cinema is really cool.
That's true. Thinking that all filmmakers are E would be putting people in boxes. For me it's interesting how different people work in a different ways same job. It' s the reason wey we have movie stars that are everywhere around us (TV, magazins, we know all abut them, they could be charmnig, or don't, it depends) and then we have stars that are private. They "hide" themselves.
Yeah. I think the attitude that the filmmaker exudes, either E or I, shows through in the actual film. You can get introverted films and extroverted ones. Take a korean directors like Kim Ki Duk or Park Chan Wook, their films are introspective in nature. Hence why they don't find large audiences. Well maybe Wook did with Oldboy but even that is a cult status.
What is so interesting to me about this is that Steven Spielberg is typed as an ENTP. And many think the natural complement to an INFJ is an ENTP. And those guys did good work together.