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Freedom at last

How did you find out Leonard Nimoy died?

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Town Drunkard
Oct 30, 2009
Thankfully the Supreme Court has fully embraced the rights of corporations as individuals. With their ability to raise and spend money, which is directly linked to their profitability, they can take their rightful place as the ultimate arbitrators of who governs this country. Now if we could only ensure the market place's political dominance by holding all judges accountable for their decisions by mandating elections for their seats.
I have been thinking a lot about the ramifications of the change in how corporations will be spending money in this years elections. Mostly I feel it is going to be negative. But the reality is that when there is a big change in a system no body can tell how it will play out. It may be that this will have positive results. A District of Columbia judge pointed out to me that the idea that corporations have first amendment rights is an issue that the courts never weighed in on. (much like the idea of the IRS withholding income tax). Does anybody care to weigh in or is this just to complicated for the normal political discourse we post on this forum?
I don't know enough about it yet to really make a valid point. My first thought upon hearing this a few days ago was how it's going make third-parties even less important unless they can appeal to various big businesses, and I can't wait until Disney runs the country.

Of course that's just me being cynical without knowing much about it, so take it with a grain of salt. I'll come back with some informed opinion once I can read up on it more.
Stu I suppose its funny that the only thing I wish for now is death to take me away from the madness that is this world.

No. In the end its easy to explain. Human nature and I feeling like something more than human for being able to see above it all and below to the depths of its engine.

May sane people win the day yet.