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favourite TV shows


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Nov 15, 2008
Gilmore Girls is one of my favourite TV show. Lorelai and Rory seems pretty smart but quite cold and mean.Lorelai seems to me as ENTX, Rory propably INTX. I have hard times find some INFJ character in this show. So as in Smallville, I am quite sure that Lex Luthor is ENTJ or INTJ,Lana Lang seems ENFP or ENTP and Clark Kent is propably INFJ or ISFJ. Clark seems more ISFJ to me.Have you find out any INFJs in our favourite TV shows?
When i saw your username for the first time i thought about gilmore girls :)

It's hard to type fictional people. cause... well they are fictional :)
Seeker, I know, that is not easy, but some character seems clearly,I think. From which country you come from? I found out, that we both are from Europe, so I am glad:m1:
I'm from Sweden. You?
Shai Gar, I mean Slovakia, not Slovenia. It is a big difference between these two countries. Slovakia is in the middle of Europe, near Poland and Austria and Slovenia is in the south- west part of Europe.
I know. I mean my friends do not speak highly of slovakia :)

It was a joke. They're highly bigoted. Especially towards the roma.
They are not bigots, they are stupid. Slovakia is beautiful country.
Or they dont mean it? It was a joke that they dont speak higly about Slovakia or it was a joke and you didnt know a difference between Slovakia and Slovenia?Man, English is not my mother tongue and sometimes I dont understad the punch line and I hate when I seems stupid!!!!!!!!!!
What I watch now:

Top Gear
Sarah Connor Chronicles
Saving Grace

What I will be watching soon:

Dollhouse (Joss Whedon's new show)

Gone, but not forgotten:

The Sopranos
Ofcourse i know Slovakia. I know it exist atleast, and could prolly point it out on a map :)

+ I'm a icehockey fan so watched some games between sweden and slovakia
hey, I've got no feelings on the topic. I LIKE the roma, I LIKE eastern europe... I was conveying THEIR prejudices.
Just call him an ass and move on, he wont censure himself one more time this week.

Slovakia isnt in the eastern Europe, it is in the middle of Europe. You was insensitive when you told me that your friends dont speak hightly about Slovakia, however you mean it.