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Fantasy Writing Prompts . . .


Sep 5, 2009
For anyone wanting to build their writing creds, here is a thread to practice writing a bit of fantasy fic.

~ You inherit a rambling old hotel with dark secrets. Once taking up residence in the decaying structure, it’s like pulling teeth to figure out some rumors about the people who lived there. Finally, a stranger helps you.

  • The stranger says each of the many rooms allows you to tap into the lives of the people (with different personalities) who once lived there and to solve some mysterious crimes or "goings on". He says some people disappear and never came back.
Write about the life, character, situation, or mysterious happenings surrounding one of the hotel's infamous residents in 150-250 words.
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awesome thread - my creativity eludes me though!
wow very cool!! I may have to dig deeper here! Thanks!
You guys can also post your own writing prompts as well. And i recommend writing fairly short prompts around 25-400 words, so that it's easier to read, comment, and edit. Thx.
any takers?