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Eureka's Sheriff Carter


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Nov 24, 2008

I have fallen in love with this character, from an empathy standpoint (damn, his girlfriend's hot).

He has flashes of genius, during which he suddenly sees how two things (systems, events, people, etc.) are related. For example, after watching the computer-lady die, he suddenly thought of an idea to rescue Tess. These flashes make me think he's Ni dominant.

He is definitely an F because his ability to understand the people around him, especially the female characters.

Still, I tend to want people to be INFJ, so I would greatly appreciate other opinions.
No. Not a chance. that ability of putting 2 and 2 together, in the manner that he does it is Ne dominant. yes to the Fe as well, typically Ne Fe is not the first 2. Also, he does a great deal more thinking than feeling, so Ne Ti Fe Si. ENTP (with INTP with well developed Fe coming in close second).
For some reason he struck me as an I?TP. It depends on which type is more laid back. I've seen both types described as really easy-going and intense (for whatever that's worth)
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Is that seriously what Ne comes off as?

It seems like he doesn't throw out enough information to be an INTP.