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Entp's? Realization

I'm similar. I rarely believe anything that people say about others. I get to know everyone and judge for myself. People never tell me what is said behind my back though, at least not very often. I'd really like to know though, but I most likely wont trust the intention of a person who tells me if its negative.
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You're just being stubborn Shai.....
I have a tendency to point out the obvious.
no. I am pointing out what you dont want to hear.
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How do you know that's what I don't want to hear? Perhaps it's exactly what I want to hear.
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Hey, thread derailment is rude.

Fact of the matter is, if you're going to tell someone that you said something, or you're in on a prank in which someone tells someone that you said something, and then try and take in back when that person gets mad, it is very likely they will not trust you. It's not about "knowing" you or how you do or anything -- it's about the situation and the subject at hand. He may have known you very well, but a situation like that would call for distrust regardless, especially if there was faulty communication involved (which, from what I could hear, was indeed probably the case).

Straight up, no pointing fingers, that's what's going to happen. I'm not saying it's anyone's fault, but I am saying that it's no surprise the way it played out.

Now, let's get back to the actual subject matter of this thread.

ENTPs are pretty cool. I've met several, and the most notable thing about them is that they tended to be drawn to me. I've liked all the ones I've met, but they often tend to fall in love with me...which isn't too much of a bad thing, but my love style tends to be different than an ENTP's, so at times it complicated things.
if you could explain your love style it could help to uncomplicate things
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Well, ENTPs tend to love like fire, immediate and passionate and reckless and all-consuming. When they think they are in love, they do everything they feel they should when they are in love; very passionate, and pretty showy. But it's too self-centered to me (which isn't a bad thing; love, if it isn't centered at least partly on the self, can be quite destructive). An ENTP that thinks he is in love will not be convinced otherwise, and they fall in love because they think they should be -- in other words, they have a certain list of characteristics they like, and when they find them they fall in love. It's more a perception of what love should be and with someone they think it should be with, and less actually wanting to be with the other person and caring for the other person.

Of course, this goes more with younger ENTPs -- it's not always so centered around perceptions, but it usually is very stubborn and fast-burning in any case. Whether or not you admit it, you ENTPs can be a larger-than-life and rather dramatic lot.

My love styles is more like coals. It takes me a long time to fall in love, and when I fall in love it's because I care for the other person and I feel the other person cares and could understand me. It's not burning passionate, it's not love-conquers-all or I-can't-live-without-you...not right away. It takes a long time, and it requires careful attention and patience and deep feeling. It's half about taking the time to understand, and it's about communication. It's about the sake of the other over that of the self -- what does the other person like? Why? Who are they and how do they think, and how could I make them happy until the end of time, even when romance dies? Like coals, it burns slowly but for a very long time, and if it's stoked right it could be worked into a bright flame, but it takes time for that to happen, and if the flame goes down the coals still burn.

It's not that an ENTP can't understand that or do it. It's just that a younger ENTP doesn't really understand it yet. I haven't met one yet that has, but then, I'm young myself.
I did explain to him that I didn't say it, and I called my ESFP friend up and yelled at him. The ESFP friend simply said 'it's cool dude, he's not mad', but the ENTP friend was indeed mad.

I don't want this ENTP friend to keep doing that. Calling me up and accusing me of calling him a name that I didn't do. He's playing the he said she said game which is fucking gay. I don't CARE what other people say behind my back because they may or may not have said it. I have people telling me all the the time 'so and so said this about you' and do I believe it? No. If they had balls they would say it to my face. That's my attitude, and apparenty this ENTP thinks I have no balls, because if I thought his girlfriend was a hoochie I would tell him, I don't need to play a game of telephone to get my message across. Anyone who doesn't understand that is a person who really doesn't understand me, and I have no reason to do buisness with them.

OH. So you did tell him you didn't do it.
Cool man, I thought you didn't tell him this at all reading your last post.

If he indeed is ENTP, then maybe he has already decided to be at war with you and treat it as a game for himself for the experience. I personally have no problem turning a very gd friend into an enemy in seconds and start making a mess right away with no remorse, but so far luckily I have experienced nothing like that to give me any reason (excuse?) in doing so.

I don't think I will do it like the guy you mention here (I believe I am not as nasty as I think I am in real life) but I can imagine myself might possibly enjoy the experience simply to see what will develop. Enjoy the skirmish when there is one.
Wait...you calling me skirmish?