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INVENTOR (Ne subtype)
Intuitive subtype can produce the impression suspended, flying in the clouds, childlishly naive person. It is sociable, easily it enters into the conversation. Much reads, it is very inquisitive and it willingly discusses the obtained information with those surrounding, it is interested in their opinion. Its apparent shyness and shyness are combined with the imperturbability and the obstinacy, when it starts to defend its point of view. It loves to discuss, but rarely it leads to dispute would ending by conflict. It frequently smiles at those surrounding, even if they do not give to this of occasion. With the identical smile he tells about the ridiculous and about the serious. He tries to be amiable with all and is not offended to the observations. In its occupations it is patient and, in spite of a certain sparseness and forgetfulness, then that greatly it interests it, it leads to the end. Gestures and speech either are retarded or they are accelerated. Poses are unconstrain ed, view scattered, defocused. Gait and motions are weakened, they seem acted unsure or weakwilled.

FINDER(Ti subtype)
Logical subtype tries to produce the impression of serious person. It can be sharp, at times even unceremonious. It is confident in itself, he says rapidly, usually in categorical tone. It is superfluously categorical in its judgments, it has a tendency to tie by others its opinion. It sometimes seems energetic and self-confident. It is impatient and always it cannot listen collocutor to the end. He frequently is fascinated by something new, attempts to find to it practical embodiment. It actively and energetically defends its interests. In this case it can flare up and offend man, but, after noting this, he tries to correct position. It is very proud and it can be insulted because of the trifle, talk roughnesses, and it will be again affable and benevolent after a certain time. It is not predicted and contrasting in its behavior. View - first scattered, then testing, tenacious. The gait and the gestures sweeping, confident, but are badly coordinated. Poses free, flattened. It easily draws together distance, it can embrace, kiss collocutor.

What do you guys think? Am I Ne or Ti?

I'm starting to lean more toward Ne.
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That's what I was thinking. I use both, but I use Ne more.
It was your original function, which is why you'd use it more and with more skill.
Were you originally an INTP? You said you were an ENTP-Ti.
Ne subtype, Ti ones are more serious.