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ENTP/ ISTJ relationship

So, somehow, they met at a park. I don't really know the details but that's odd enough to me. Two weeks after they met, Lance moved Scott. Apparently, Scott doesn't talk very much and Lance has no idea where he's from, who his parents are, his last name, nothing. Pretty much all he knows is his name and a few details about his work but Scott never goes into details about anything unless it's asked, and Lance never really bothers to ask ( because he's a douche like that and I guess doesn't care). Mainly, from what I can gather, Lance just fucks Scott but somehow they're still together three months after meeting, and I find that a bit odd for an ENTP because I thought that they were supposed to get bored with people who aren't intellectual, and Scott seems pretty far from it. I met him once and he just stood there like Lance's tag along, looking for him to reassure him on everything. And plus, too, Lance mentioned that there were odd burn marks on his body and shit and he thought that something might have happened to the kid, but when he asked Scott about it Scott just said that he didn't know the person very well who did it to him, that he'd been jumped. But these were intimate burns. So, I dunno, I guess a lot of that is irrelevant but I'm just wondering how these two people could stick together, and I thought that if I understood the regular ENTP/ISTP relationship then I could determine if it was just normal conduct or if something really is up with these two.
perhaps it's just a physical thing... i could see myself fucking an ISTJ girl for months and months on end, and getting intellectual stimulation elsewhere.

is ISTJ pretty?
Uh, yeah, he's a fair enough looking gent. Not someone you'd see in a magazine, but not ugly either.
ah, alright
If you still want advice, Im an ENTP that dated an ISTJ and I know another ENTP that dated an ISTJ, Im male, the other ENTP is female, i know u mentioned a same sex relationship above but i think i might still be able to answer your questions, Post something on here or PM me or something
Probably won't work that well. I can imagine the ENTP finding the ISTJ very boring. Oh wait! I have an ENTP friend who has an ISxJ girlfriend. They have a relationship, but you really can't "see" that when you meet them. I don't think it will last long.