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Energies, Emotion, and Science

Discussion in 'Science and Technology' started by slant, Apr 22, 2010.

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  1. slant

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    Dec 30, 2008
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    I’ve noticed that a lot of the posters on these forums tend to talk about ‘energies' and that every person emits and energy which they can interpret to understand emotions of that person or a sense of what they are feeling. I have also heard of feelings that are dubbed ‘intuition when you just felt really terrible and didn’t know why, just had to turn left in a place where you usually did not and avoided a car accident.

    A lot of people that come from a new age standpoint will call these things ‘coincidences. They will say, the universe wanted it to happen, it was an act of God, etc.

    Most people in general are aware that scientific studies have uncovered a “human energy field” of sorts, that can be measured as different colored energies surrounding a person. The shift in color is usually attributed to emotion.

    This implies that emotion is, in fact, an energy. When we have an emotion we emit and energy and it circles around us.

    Considering that you emit a sort of energy, it is highly possible that others around you might be able to interpret this energy without any behavioral or verbal indications that would give them a sort of clue as to how you felt. This, is what you would call ‘intuition as well as ‘sensing things’.

    But is it really a super freaky power? Suppose that, human beings are able to detect these energy fields on a subconscious level. This could mean the difference between an autistic and Neurologically Typical individual. Instead of studying body language and verbiage which is often inaccurate and yet, the person on the receiving line almost always gets ‘the same message’ as was attempting to be communicated, perhaps what we are studying and interpreting is the energies on a subconscious level, making the person’s physical communications secondary in interpretation.

    This would explain, why, on a Discovery Channel Program entitled “Electric Human” one of the followed individuals named Debbie believed she could control electric products with her emotions. She was able to effectively demonstrate that lights, fuses, watches and so on would always seem to break or turn off when she was in any sort of strong emotional state. This also implies a connection between electricity and emotions, meaning that our ‘energy’ can effect things outside of us, other people, electric objects, etc. It’s uncertain how she’s been able to do this but if it is her emotions in fact that are causing these objects to malfunction then it would support the part of my statement that certain individuals can interpret and give off these signals better than others; hers could have been stronger or different than the way that most people’s energies are. This could imply a genetic and or neurological difference between people and their supposed human energy field. There have already been neurological differences proven between those whom are autistic and Neurologically Typical individuals.

    This draws me to the conclusion that people who believe they are gifted in being able to psychically understand what someone is feeling is not psychic, merely, more developed in their functions of this as of now quite scarily scientifically explained ‘energy field’ matter.

    I think the important part, of all of these conclusions, is that a person needs to recognize feelings and learn how to interpret them. Intuition, as you call it, could be the conscious surfacing of the interpretation of subconscious energy fields, and I am concluding that energy fields can only be emitted by living objects such as animals, insects, plants, and bacteria. Our sensitivity to these energies emitted by the variety of living objects are probably going to vary, because since we have concluded our human energy fields, sensitivity and emitting can flux from person to person, the same would apply to species to species as well as within any specific species on an individual basis. I also believe, personally, that it is very possible the reason plants are scientifically known to benefit from being talked to is not the actual talking or verbiage, but the human energy field associated with it. I hypothesize that when an individual is speaking, their energies are more focused towards the message they are trying to get across. This could possibly be done non-verbally but I do not believe most individuals are capable of it.

    Studies of water crystals and their shapes being changed depending on the message printed on their label suggests either of the following:

    1. Energies can be retained by contact of another energy; a glass of water that is assumed neutral of energy can retain energy from a human energy field that is negative, which would explain if a label ‘hate’ was placed on the water bottle and the crystal came out different in comparison to other worlds, that it is assumed a hateful feeling would be transferred from the human energy field.

    2. Inanimate objects such as paper and ink can retain energies of a human energy field; the paper and ink that the message was written on, itself, is retaining the negative energies which have created water crystals that differ from the other words printed on other water bottles.

    2, to me, seems more likely to be possible.

    In our culture having a “good” attitude and a “bad” attitude is commonly reinforced. It is known if you have low self esteem you are more likely to succumb to depression. Individuals who suppress angers are considered by society to be ‘unhealthy’ and that in practice it is bad for one. Kidney stones often develop during intense periods of stress.

    All of the above could be explained due to human energy fields and their effect on person and the environment around them.
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  2. NeverAmI

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    Sep 22, 2009
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    It's not that far off to imagine such. I have often had the same ideas. Quantum entanglement theory blows my mind and shatters a lot of the preconceived notions of how things fundamentally operate. In physics, energy is the core foundation of everything.

    Think about radio transmissions, or radiation in general. Our brains DO operate in a certain frequency range and that frequency changes based on our state of consciousness, that is proven. We radiate electromagnetically (to an extent), acoustically, and thermally. We reflect the electromagnetic radiation that we refer to as light. Who is to say that something of the sort isn't possible? You can say there isn't a scientifically proven method of verifying yes, but not possible? Meh, there is only probability.
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  3. Ecton

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    Feb 25, 2010
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    There are two principles at work here that I have seen. One is called 'synchronicity' and the other is called 'providence'. Both are pretty popular and have distinct but important meanings.

    Here I think you are talking about "aura". As a physics student, I understand what a black body radiator is and how we relate to that, but i've never personally understood the concept of aura. Or how it might be 'perceived'.

    This is the classic definition of ESP as espoused by Princeton University's Paranormal Research schools, including PEAR.

    What about pheremones and fixed-action signals, too? Women will bet larger sums of money in games when in a room with the sweaty t-shirt of a male they would normally be attracted to. Men pay a pole-dancing stripper more money around the time she is ovulating. Both are subconscious behavior changing activities that a strong intuitive might 'detect' in their own mind.

    I've seen studies where these claims are debunked using a double blind. But I swear I burn out laptop and cell phone batteries faster than anyone I know, and I even follow the directions to 'maximize battery life' because i'm so sick of it. But I've always thought of this as an artistic thought, rather than a scientific one.

    At a purely abstract level, every moment of your existence you are radiating energy away from your body, which then interacts with the rest of the universe in your light cone. Over a very long time, your existence will effect a vast arc of the universe largely vacuum, including everything in this galaxy in the future. Those influences may be infinitesimally small, but you never know, and are definitely connected with the future in a wide region of space no matter how tangentially.

    Slant, if this kind of parapsychology interests you, I think you should check out this website and the experiments they are doing. They are trying to test out these theories with reproducible science:


    Even if it is only sensing of 'energy fields' within one's skull, it might be an internal sense of one's own subconscious thoughts. For an idea of how subconscious and conscious thoughts emerge in the brain, see this article:


    Unfortunately, I see that they did indeed close down.

    I really like your hypotheses. I have a different one as follows:

    If you read the first article on New Scientist, then consider what would happen if a human was able to sense subconscious brain waves. This would mean a wider range of consciousness brain waves would arise from a wider range of subconscious processes. We might call this enhanced intuition.

    The next question would be, could you design experiments to effectively tests your hypotheses? That's what they worked on at PEAR, which I find fascinating and daring.
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