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Eliminated my Anxiety with this Supplement


May 10, 2017
Type 6 3WD
Both parents are suffers of extreme anxiety which neither of them decided to do anything about it. As ive gotten older my anxiety especially social anxiety has come to some pretty extreme cases. When i look back to certain stages of my life where my anxiety had peaked ive come to realize a few factors.

1. Becoming more introverted as ive gotten older and spending way too much time alone ( which i really enjoy) can be very bad for you especially when it comes to re entering social situations. I have now realized that when i haven't caught up with my friends eg. lunch, drinks, game of golf or what ever it may be OR haven't been out in public places like malls and restaurants for a few weeks; I find my anxiety can be pretty bad and i have a difficult time relaxing in public situations and concentrating on what i am doing. Im putting this down as my extroverted sensing getting in the way and Im almost certain a lot of people around me can pick it up. Its very embarrassing and has made me self conscious about it. Im not saying everyone has to change who they are or what you like doing, but if you want to improve your confidence and decrease your anxiety in social situations then you should try to make the effort to break out of your comfort zone and regularly put yourself in these situations, which is what i am doing.

2.Caffeine intake. Getting into bodybuilding years ago and now boxing (today) needing that drive and motivation to do some grueling training sessions each day, i really felt and still do religiously to this day feel like i need either a pre workout supplement or caffeine before i go to train. It makes my senses heighten and sometimes to what is described as tunnel vision and immense focus. I absolutely love the feeling of motivation and focus its very addictive. Years ago i went through a stage of having multiple table spoons of coffee mixed in a small shot of water a few times a day (300mg caffeine per serve). I was only about 23 and started experiencing psychotic anxiety in public places to where it felt like i was on drugs. I was very embarrassed and didn't know what was wrong with me and why this was happening. I couldn't even look at people and had maniac racing thoughts. I ended up seeing my first psychologist and even then my social anxiety was brutal, i was trying to fight it so bad just talking to her during my session i couldn't bare to even look at her, especially while shes asking me if Im currently anxious? After my session i never went back as one week later i took a break from training and any caffeine and felt pretty much 100% better. I had cured myself and still had no idea what it was.

About 5 years later (now) i still go through random bouts of anxiety as im still training and im very addicted to drinking barista made coffee now. Im aware caffeine affects my anxiety and literally my mind is like two test tubes trying to caffeine with my mental health/relaxing in social situations. I keep on drinking though.

The last two weeks my anxiety has been very bad. I deleted my introvert Instagram page, closed a chat group i started for introverts as i wanted to stop being so fixated on my anxiety and my personality type. I felt being ultra aware of my thoughts was making it worse. I started reading about supplementation for anxiety and came across magnesium. Being once a bodybuilder and certified Personal Trainer you would think id have some sort of idea about what magnesium does ( i just thought it helped you sleep lol) but i really didn't. I took two teaspoons of magnesium powder which my partner had in the cupboard before bed, i went to work the next day and felt great. I wasn't getting any out of body experiences like i always do, not fixated on people or whats going on around me. I felt relaxed and in control of my thoughts and body. I then that day started looking up foods which provide high magnesium and went straight to the grocery store. I now load my protein shakes up with spinach and eat a few servings of almonds daily and take a serving of magnesium powder. I have even upped my caffeine and im still feeling switched on getting all the positive effects from the caffeine and no anxiety. I read that caffeine diminishes magnesium, which makes perfect sense. I was very low in magnesium because of the high amount of caffeine i was taking and the low amount of magnesium in my diet.

If you are suffering from extreme anxiety and cant relax, especially going into public or social settings i suggest you start adding lots of high magnesium foods to your diet and even taking a whole food magnesium powder. Im extremely in touch with my mind and body and i really feel like ive saved my own life here. Just wanted to share my story so you can maybe save your own too.... anxiety effing sux!!!!!!
Magnesium and potassium are important to monitor for overall health, and a lot of times easy to remedy with diet changes.
Spinach is such a great food, I often crave that and eat it regularly.
I was fearful to click the link to this thread because it sounded like a sales pitch. Haha

But, I'm glad I did. Thank you for this advice.
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Spinach is such a great food, I often crave that and eat it regularly.
Fresh is always best.

But does canned spinach work just as well? lol
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Ordering online now.