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Dungeons and Dragons - Aeladaes, Dungeon Run.


Shai Gar

I'm testing out a few concepts for my Aeladaes Campaign World.
Who wants to run a quest in my world?

Fourth Edition, Level 9 Characters.


The Purple/Orange dot is Caerolon.
The green indicates where it's very very very heavily forrested.
The purple highlighted areas indicate where it's very mountainous.

Here is most of the relevant information.
City 1, is Caerolon.




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4 str 4 stm leather belt?

And sure, I'm in.
Get the IRC scripts going.
It's been so long since I played, I'm not sure I remember how. I probably have a bunch of friends that I could con into doing it though (well, 3, maybe 4) - but I'd rather not invite them to the forum. ;D
I told Ben that I would join, however, first I must educate myself on what D&D is because I have no previous experience.
I only want a few people, maybe 5. I've already got one definite.

She's playing a Longtooth Shifter Warden. Backstory is she was once enslaved, managed to escape, now, after roaming around for a while, she lives.

Stamina doesn't exist in this. You get to build your character from the Character Builder, with 4E stats.

Level 9, adjust money to suit level, and buy your shit.
There's a complementary horse from the council stables.
You had me at complementary horse