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'Dogs ate my car' - NT News (oh how i hate thee)


Shai Gar

First it's Dingoes ate my baby, now it's Dogs ate my Car...

NTNews said:
A DARWIN man woke yesterday to discover dogs had eaten his car.
And he says it's not the first time it has happened.
Clayton Dwyer, 47, of Millner, thought his girlfriend was kidding when she woke him up and told him his work ute had been gnawed by a pack of savage dogs. But when he walked outside his Beetson Place home he discovered this was no joke.
His front bumper had been ripped from the car and chewed to bits by the dogs. They had even tried to munch on the front panels.
"You can see the teeth marks," he said.
Asked what he thought when he first saw the damage, Mr Dwyer said: "Doggone it! That's a bit ruff."
The landscape gardener said the pack of wild dogs had been lurking around his neighbourhood for months.
"My girlfriend's car got eaten about three months ago," he said. "At first we thought it had been attacked with a hammer, but we took it to the panel beaters and he said it was dogs. You could see the teeth marks on it."
Mr Dwyer said his neighbours had seen the dogs early yesterday and had chased them away by throwing mangoes at them.
He said he was unsure if his insurance company covered dog attacks.
"I hope they do," he said.
"It's actually a new bumper. I only bought it a couple of months ago.
"I know it isn't the prettiest car, but it didn't deserve that."
That was front page news in the papers that just arrived (0450ish)

That's the level of news we get in the local rag, and it makes me dispair of the people here. It seems as though newspapers in australia are being dumbed down, probably in an effort to dumb US down.

oh yes, and from 4 days ago...

http://www.ntnews.com.au/article/2008/10/14/9385_ntnews.html said:
THESE photographs show the state of the vital 11,000-volt electricity transformers that feed Royal Darwin Hospital.


They reveal perished and cracked cable housing, rubbish and leaf litter gathered around the lower wires and a major oil leak from one transformer.
A maintenance electrician who used to work for PowerWater - who did not want to be identified -said the oil leak could cause the power transformer to overheat.
"Their equipment's looking frayed and ill-attended," he said.
"When the system starts failing because it hasn't been properly looked after - people get stroppy."
PowerWater are not responsible for the transformers, which are part of a substation owned by the hospital.
The Health Department and the Department of Planning and Infrastructure are responsible for maintenance.
Royal Darwin Hospital spokeswoman Michelle Foster said the substation was "well maintained and highly functional".
"The substation is to undergo routine regular maintenance work which had been organised prior to this issue being raised in the media," she said.
"The work will include painting and repairing the oil leak."
Ms Foster said the rubbish accumulated there because of littering and public assistance was needed to stop this problem.
That's one of the many reasons I want to go into politics here. The NT Needs fixing.
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Well it is a local newspaper, I suppose we each have such articles in our papers as well. Wandering packs of destructive dogs and run-down electrical cabling are the sorts of issues that can effect the community. However, yes, I do agree that if such articles are on the front page then either: nothing else happened that day--in which perhaps we should be thankful that things are running smoothly--or as you suggested, there is some seriously misconstruing of priorities to have wandering dogs on the front page over more important local issues such taxes and the politics of the area : )
Darwin is a town of constant assaults, police raids and occasional rapes. As our other ex-Darwinite can attest to. There's plenty that our local rag just flatout ignores.

But the second article wasn't attacking the paper, just the state of our political institutions.
Mr Dwyer said his neighbours had seen the dogs early yesterday and had chased them away by throwing mangoes at them.

This struck me as hilarious for some reason.

*Makes note never to be on life support at Royal Darwin Hospital*
oh... There is another story about that. Shaigar mutters darkly
Gah how I hate the state/territory papers, ours here is sensationalist bullshit too, the day I could officially no longer handle it was when Leighton Hewitt and Beck whatever got married and their picture was all over the front cover... WTH! THAT'S WHAT EFFEN TABLOID MAGAZINES ARE FOR! IT'S NOT NEWS!
Darwin is a town of constant assaults, police raids and occasional rapes. As our other ex-Darwinite can attest to.

Hmmmmm do you mean me? Well yeah, Darwin is a rough place. It's also an interesting place. I had some good times there, and met some amazing people from all different cultures so I don't feel completely comfortable bagging it out.

As for local news? Yeah, Townsville is just as bad.

Unfortunately, news used to be about reporting the facts. Now it seems the purpose has been switched to entertainment and human interest. The Australian isn't bad though.
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i stopped reading that when they did the cartoon of yasser arafat suicide bombing the pearly gates. The day he died

if it were JUST the local tabloid i would not care so much. But you cannot get a broadsheet in the city unless you know where to look
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I'm interested in the Mango Chucking.

Do people, like, keep a big pile of mangoes next to the door to fend off marauding auto-eating dog packs and other threats to personal property, or was that guy just super prepared for disaster or was he baking a mango tart?
Ooo lucky. We get them occasionally here, but they're rarely in season.

I had a mango-on-a-stick once. Very frustrating. Every time I tried to bite it, it spun around and around. I ended up very sticky and unfulfilled.
No actually, I left it there. First I was swarmed by bees, which swelled my face to 8 times it's normal size, and then over the years little bits of debris... candy wrappers, autumn leaves, starbucks cups thrown out of speeding car windows, doghair, etc. have accumulated on my face. It's a very distinctive look.
the juice is highly acidic and can do real damage to your skin if it is not cleaned off properly
I don't want you to worry unnecessarily... I did of course wash off the mango juice 20 years ago when the mango-on-a-stick event occurred, and confess openly to making up the accumulation of debris

My face is unscathed, except of course from the normal ravages of age.
i have seen your face. It looks like any other twenty six year olds face
Hahahahahahahaha. That was smooth. Nicely done :becky: