Does this make any sense to you?


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So... I was scouring the internet looking to help out one of my friends with something, and a link at the bottom of one of the sites I was reading caught my eye. It's ... igence.htm

I mean... so I know you guys don't need anything external to "help you feel" anything... but honestly reading this I honestly can't tell whether it's legitimate or not (without trying, I guess... but it won't be til Monday that I'll have an empty house again). I'm skeptical of most articles like this on the internet... but some of the other pages from the same site seemed reasonable. I would like your thoughts on parts two and three though, if you don't mind... does it sound like it's realistic at all, or does it look to be the same garbage that usually comes from the internet?
hmmmmmm This sounds much like a self hypnosis....or a glorified meditation has some good hints and tips but for the most part it seems more throwing a few different techniques together mix them up and call it new!
right... haha I think that's exactly what it's supposed to be.

What are the "good hints and tips?" What's just glorifying extraneous stuff? haha sorry... I really can't tell though.