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Does anyone here have high blood pressure? Alternative treatment options


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Feb 11, 2014
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For you INFJs, I want to share a successful happy story regarding treatment for high blood pressure. Anyhow, my mother has suffered from high blood pressure for many years and have taken loads of beta blockers, calcium channel blockers, etc to no avail. I also think there were a slew of side effects she suffered from as a result that made her health much more fragile.

Anyhow, I did much research and consulted with her, and asked that she try some alternative ways of dealing with her High Blood Pressure. For the past 3 months, she started a regimen (without changing her diet or exercise habits; I mention that she has always been very active however):

Daily Supplements:
1. Nattokinase (4000 FUs)
2. Co-Enzyme Q10 (100 mg)
3. B-Complex (from Rainbow Light)
4. Zinc (50mg)
5. Vitamin D (100 IU)
6. Beta Carotene (25000 IU)
7. Taurine (1000mg)

It seems like a lot, but I think there are certain processes in which the body needs more of certain elements, especially since my mother had been on beta blockers since she was around 40. Well anyhow, she told me that her blood pressure stabilised at 117/71 over the past few weeks. She had already slowly tapered off her blood pressure meds for around a month and a half now.

So for those of you with older parents or if you're suffering from high blood pressure yourself- this regimen has really worked for my mother. In relation to some other things I discovered, the combination of Nattokinase + Co-Enzyme Q10 (which works in a similar way to vitamin K2) really clears away the debris, calcium buildup in the arteries and repairs the arteries for normalised bloodflow. I found that the Japanese eat a certain kind of food (natto) for this very reason, and they have the healthiest and longest life span out of all developed nations.

Also the zinc + taurine works in conjunction together to repair the pancreas, so that insulin production and absorption becomes normalised. Often a lack of taurine and zinc is what makes the pancreas malfunction. Zinc is also great for repairing the liver.

Anyhow, I thought I would share, and hope that in addition to consulting your health care provider, or specialist, that years of prescription drugs did not help my mother, but that we discovered some wonderful alternative treatments for her that were very effective.
My co-worker recently had VERY high blood pressure. Her doctor recommended walking a lot more and narrowing down her coffee consumption to only 1 cup a day. Even after just a short time her blood pressure began to reverse itself and is now in a healthy range.

I think people really underestimate the dangers of high blood pressure and how essential it is to get your body all of the vitamins and minerals it needs. I think people also spend too much time sitting (myself included) and this can also lead to an unhealthy body.

Thanks for sharing the success story. People really need to understand that there are ways to manage things without being pumped full of pharmaceuticals!
Hbp runs in my family. I have it. Currently on a beta blocker. I walk all day. Eat very healthy.

My heart occasionally decides its run a marathon for doing nothing but walking up a flight of stairs. The beta blocker keeps that in check for some reason. I believe my adrenaline gland ia doing its own thing and none of this ever happened before I ended up in the hospital back in 09. So I believe gluten is likely responsible though no proof of it.