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  • The last thing I am is sorry, though I did enjoy how quickly your discourse eroded into personal attacks because I said things you didn't like in a way you didn't like. If there is an apology to be made it will not be from me.
    Well once upon a time there was a boy whose immigrant parents owned a grocery store. He had a sharp, prescient eye for design and after saving enough money from his design gig, he convinced his friends to start a company. His friends wanted to get 6 figure paying jobs at big corporations, but his energy and vision seduced them to create this yet unknown thing. His company came in at a time when laws were changing and there was a democratisation of the media, and consequently, he created a legacy.

    He developed a taste for the finer things in life, and he loved collecting beautiful women. But at the end of it all, he valued his privacy the most, and the things that were important to him in the beginning when he was a struggling artist, never changed.


    I think most ENTJs, male or female, tend to have unconventional relationships with people. That kind of Beatrice/Dante, Goethe/Lotte, Vivienne Eliot/Scofield Thayer type relationship. Most of the ENTJ women I know though are attracted to creative types; those quiet thinkers with powerful voices who can melt their icy hearts.
    Yep, the working-hard - productivity report. That's a good way to measure yourself where you actually are, not making a illusion out of your hard work.

    "Very few people know how to harness that power to execute their ideas. " - do you know? can you tell me a bit about?

    "Philosophy and Literature are the No. 1 areas that attract the ENTJ mind. We are looking past the surface of what is, but want to see the core. "
    Yes, I knew that. I usually picture ENTJs in my mind like 'tough guys with brains', or "very smart people that are not geeks". That's a silly way to put it, but I like it.
    I still think tough Philosophy that keeps interested a ENTJ is more practical, more grounded, than purely abstract topics, like INFJs are interested.

    Ok, so do you have any tips for what ENTJs girls look for?
    I've heard that they look for ambition, is that true? I mean, the classic 'man's man'? Or they look more for intelligence, high academic results coupled with a healthy dose of ambition?
    I think the quarter life crisis is when most people at 24 desire to be famous. Life always seems to have a linear trajectory until you realise that the path isn't a straight paved road, but filled with many mountains and twisting landscapes with surprising rhizomic patterns.

    I think working hard or the appearance of working hard is different from productivity. Most people in the world are pencil pushers at their desks pretending to be busy at the mercy of someone else. Very few people know how to harness that power to execute their ideas.

    Philosophy and Literature are the No. 1 areas that attract the ENTJ mind. We are looking past the surface of what is, but want to see the core.
    Oh, she's surely a ENTJ girl. She has a strong personality, always cracking jokes around and talking to anyone.
    Professors of Philosophy? That's interesting. What kind of philosophy?

    She's cool, friendly, bossy, in a funny and girly way (she likes to think she's bossy), smart, but more in a practical and Te coupled with Ni way than purely philosophical and abstract issues, which is the land of Ni coupled with Ti (that's why I'm so puzzled that you see ENTJs as "Professors of Philosophy"). She's also a mature girl for her age (24). I mean, most of the girls at that age are floating in the clouds, while she's working hard, has a plan already to follow, and she say she won't date guys of her age because they are immature. She's probably right :)
    Tell me more about this ENTJ girl. ENTJs are known to be Professors of Philosophy. I don't think politics attracts us. Perhaps your girl is an INTJ. :)
    You know, I kind of like a ENTJ girl.
    She's so hard, she plays the inpenetrable girl.
    She's studying politics. I don't have a chance to impress her with any knowledge on that topic, cause I'm clueless!
    Anyway, even if we'll make it somehow, I doubt it will last. We're like opposing poles. I'm interested more in abstract topics and history, she's more into politics, and usually practical 'visions' :p
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