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  • Impassionate how? Lol man you really gotta learn better English, all of this is disrespectful *face palm*
    I don't necessarily like having my picture up here. I've had it on here once before and I took it down. Nothing to do with the site so much as my own paranoia and the fact that I have stalkers who know my DonTaushMe sn -_- I will be taking this down as well in 24 hours.
    "A lesbian?
    Oh, I didn't expected that, and I never tried it.
    But don't worry, I think I can solve that...:p "

    Don't say that to people. You sound like a predator. If I didn't know you are very into god that'd be creepy as hell, however now it's just angering and incredibly disrespectful. Don't say that kind of shit to me, especially when you ask me for something.
    Lol that's weird o.o
    Why do you need a picture? I don't get an explanation to my satisfaction you don't get a picture, that's how the world works. You don't get unless you give a little.
    yep, INFJ romanesc alright :D am facut chiar si un grup de MBTI pe facebook Eu studiez in Bucuresti. Tu?
    I may have misunderstood some of what you were saying. I appreciate that you put a lot of research to find the information that you share. A lot of it is quite interesting. I just disagree with some of your sources and some of your conclusions. I do not want to insult you but I wanted to let you know that some of your posts can come off as quite insulting, as if you are trying to preach to INFJs how we are. I know that I'm an INFJ because it fits me very well (not socionics so much but MBTI) and I really don't fit any other type. What I do know very well is myself, as I have had a lot of time to figure a lot of that out and some of your posts really don't seem to apply to me at all. You can interpret that as you wish, but I choose to interpret it the way it makes sense to me.

    By the way, don't let people disagreeing with you upset you. We just all have strong opinions and we are on here to interact with others and share those opinions, and ignore those who are out and out rude because that is uncalled for.
    I think your attacks on INFJ's are not only using the work of someone else (who clearly is using psychiatric terms to wage an attack) but also are a total waste of time because INFJ's are not the root of evil in the world

    The guy who wrote that article would accuse Ghandi of being grandiose for trying to liberate his people

    he would accuse anyone who supported ghandi of being grandiose by association and also living in fantasy land

    The reason they do this is because they want to discourage any challenge to their authority

    They have identified the INFJ type as being a threat to their authority and they are launching an attack on them

    For example in that article it accuses INFJ's of 'fawning' over people they admire but supporting people who you have a shared vision with is a natural human behaviour...but it is what they want to discourage because they don't want people working together or coming together to support a visionary person

    They also accuse the INFJ of secretly hating the person they are admiring which is utter hateful nonsense

    Seriously man...that is grade A propaganda and if you believe that poison it will poison your mind which is exactly what they are trying to do

    INFJ's are well known for challenging authority and that is why they become targets for these kinds of attacks.

    Psychiatry is about making all behaviours a 'disorder' so that the government can then persecute anyone who challenges its authority

    If a person wants to do something good in the world the government psychiatrists who want to discourage such a person will call them a 'narcisist' for having the temerity to think that they might actually help bring about positive change in the world

    Do you want to know how they view us? They view us as cattle.

    Their words drip with contempt for us because they look down on us and think we are gettign above our station to challenge their authority

    They are the ones with a problem NOT the dreamers and the visionaries
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