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Do you value other people's opinion above your own?


Sep 5, 2009
Do you value other people's opinion above your own? Why or why not?
Do you value other people's opinion above your own? Why or why not?

I value everyone's opinion as just that, an opinion. With that being said, some opinions are better than others. Some people have more experience, knowledge, and wisdom on a subject than others. And, as such, I judge how important someone's opinion is based on the way I perceive the knowledge of the subject we are discussing. If my opinion is less thought out, then I'll concede and let the other person's opinion reign supreme. Unless we are talking about something that is strictly opinion, and as such, everyone's opinion is on the same level and should be respected
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Not really, unless they:
1) have more personal experience
2) have had an opinion different from mine that turned out to be right before
or 3) are a loved one

Unless it's one of those three, I really don't care for the opinions of others. Mostly because I turn up right fairly often, and in a formal argument most people couldn't stand up to defend their opinions against me. not saying I'm always right, but most people don't really think about things.

Also, it depends on what the opinion is about.
Sometimes, maybe. People's opinions have always at least some kind of value. It depends on the subject matter. If it's an opinion about myself, the way I have behaved or any opinions I have expressed, and they point out some things that I might have missed or misunderstood and if their opinion enables me to get better insight, then yes, I do value it immensely. But, I can't say that I value it above my own. It can lead me to reevaluate my opinion or it merely adds some aspects to my own but it rarely changes my opinion completely.

If it's something I completely disagree with then, naturally, I can analyze it to see whether I can use some things from it, but otherwise it's just something I disagree with. That doesn't mean that I don't value the opportunity.

Anyway, I guess I can say that with anything, things always go through my own internal filters and I don't decide anything or agree with anything just because somebody happened to express their opinion. Even if that person has high credibility, more experience, knowledge, etc. I like to make up my own mind.
Typically no. Doesn't mean I won't respect it.
I will only do so when I have a high opinion of the person in the first place.
no... unless there's a good reason to, ie. they have demonstrated their opinions are reliable. otherwise i just take them as more voices among many
I don't do that, but I will try to find the better opinions amongst them (His/hers or mine) :angel: