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Do you preffer erasing or coloring?


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Aug 15, 2009
Okay this thread topic is almost completely random but . . .
So I really love colors and coloring on paint the Microsoft Application. Idk. I do it whenver thew mood takes me, or when I'm trying to destress or . . . well nope that covers it. :p I'll just click the really fat square paintbrush and start scribbling away. My favourite colors to use are primary because their just so bold and happy seeming. :)
So yeah I'm a fan of coloring but I don't like erasing as much for some reason. Me and my sister had a talk randomly about this a while back and it turns out that she feel s the same way about erasing as I do about coloring. Like I can understand why someone would preffer erasing like that but idk. I just don't like as much.
So I just thought it was interesting and wanted to post a thread about it to see if there is any possibly psycologicall connect we could discover. ;P probly not but whatever . . .
Also if you don't have a prefferance or something, what are your favorite colors?
I like primary colors as I mentioned. :)
!!! gtg
Microsoft Paint?

I don't know if you know this but, there is a wonderful piece of software called... Photoshop. Seriously it's like the best thing ever.
I agree with Yield, Photoshop is much better, you should try it
and for the clouring and erasing...i don't like erasing, and I don't like coloring either
most of my drawings are balck and white...I like working in pencil more

I do use software if I am making a wallpaper or graphics for some sort of project, other than that, my passion lies in simple pencil and paper :D

I am sure that there's some sort of a phsychological connection to it, I mean it's stil a form of self-expression, and the fact that you choose your colors or choosing whether to erase or create must have a meaning related to the person in think about it and you'll figure out what it means :p