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Dirty Politics


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May 11, 2008
I'm amazed at how downright, disgustingly dirty the politics for this election have gotten.

First there was the allegations that Palin's newborn daughter Trig actually belonged to her daughter.


I thought that was a rather dirty trick by the Liberals, but then I saw that the top video in the News and Politics section of youtube was this 12 second clip of Obama, seemingly accidentally admitting that he is a Muslim.


Of course, it is taken out completely of context as can easily be determined if one watches the extended clip from the interview.


Is this not the lowest and most pathetic thing you have ever seen? Both sides are twisting the truth so that they can twist people's perceptions. This is dirty politics at its core and the internet makes it possible.
Nothing unexpected really. In fact I expect things to get much worse, and more lines to be crossed before November.
At least the Democrats haven't called any republicans Terrorists, or commented constantly on their race...

Yes, politics is dirty, hell that's one of the main reasons people get into it. It's fun.
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