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Did you notice?

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May 12, 2008
This is the thread where we make observations about shows and books.

Goku was a horrible father.

There are like seven different Omnipotent Gods in the Marvel universe, and they aren't even really omnipotent, they all have weaknesses. Grab the Infinity Gauntlet a smite them all.

Galactus, Odin, The Living Tribunel.

Spongebob never again used his spatula with port and starboard attachments and turbo.
And East Kai was aware of all of these things but never had the forethought to plan ahead just in case shit would hit the fan, no he'd rather chill on his little planet with his red El camino, his pet monkey, and his best friend the anthromorphic fly.
And eventually that lack of foresight was the end of him (buu).
The heroes in DBZ aren't really good heroes. In fact alot of earths problems were caused by them, even Goku admitted to this.
Did you notice...

At the end of the (arguably) best batman series, "Gotham Knights", two people legendary for the sheer force of willpower and lack of ability to negotiate to peaceable terms with an enemy "Hush" and "The Joker", come head to head with the batman deciding to let them murder each other. The joker had a method of remotely switching off pacemakers, and The Batman had attached a pacemaker to Hush's heart. :D

However the comic where they come to fight (last page), is the series last one, and in subsequent comics they're both seen seperately. Joker in Batman R.I.P. and Hush in Detective Comics.
In the show Batman Beyond the cars slowly devolve from flying cars, to regular cars for some reason.

During the whole of the Dragon Ball story, the earths population shifts from being inhabited by anthromorphic creatures, to being completly inhabitated by humans.
Hiro Nakamura is a Star Wars fan.
Seito The lone wolf of the Shinsingumi, from Rurouni Kenishin, isn't as heartless as he seems. He's a Lawful Neutral character who actually looks out for members of Kenshins team, also he is married much to the shock of all of the other characters in the series.
The anime, "School Days" has the most fucked up ending ever!

If you didn't notice, then don't watch it, so as to save yourself from permanent emotional trauma and scarring.

Did you notice Konokon is one of the funniest ecchi's ever, but the animators totally messed up the ecchi scene on the very end by forgetting which clothes had been taken off?

Did you notice that on shows like Dragon Ball Z, Yu Yu Hakusho, and Bleach, that they follow the same formula of meeting bad guys, getting freakishly stronger just in time to beat them, meeting a stronger bad guy, getting freakishly stronger to beat them, and so forth?

Did you notice how in Code Geass, the Britanian Empire seemed to origninate from the United States?

Did you notice how Gundam pilots always happen to be "just kids"? Seriously! I have yet to see a Gundam series where they don't work the line, "But he is just a kid" in the dialogue somewhere.
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Have you noticed no one ever bleeds in Star Wars media.
M. Night Shyamalan has been in every one of his films except Wide Awake.
Have you noticed that Supermans strength flucuates from being able to handle a nuclear blast and moving continents, to having trouble lifting a commercial airline.
Have you noticed that Supermans strength flucuates from being able to handle a nuclear blast and moving continents, to having trouble lifting a commercial airline.

Didn't he turn time back once by spinning the earth backwards really fast? If I could do that, then I think I would be doing it at least once a week so I could always know the winning lottery numbers.
I've noticed that in most shonen animes most characters have signature moves.

And I've always wanted one of my own.


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STARE OF INDIGNATION! That's my super move. G Gundam is/was the best Gundam.

Street Fighter Gundam!
Did you notice the final battles of most animes, the main protagonist always goes one on one with the main antagonist, and more often then not the rest of the team just watch the protagonist get pummeled, crushed, stabbed, burnt, blasted, and even blown up to a point within an inch of there life before either lucking out, using the one move the protagonist knows that is more powerful the signature move and finally beating the main antagonist.

I'd just like to say, if I were in the same situation and the earth was on the line I'd cop out and probably shout something along the lines of, "WTF, GUYS! YOU'RE JUST GONNA WATCH THIS MOTHER****** KICK THE SH*T OUT OF ME?!?!?!?!"

I mean I know they probably had they're battles before hand, but the final battle is usually the worst, and I can recount times where the main protagonist fights more then one battle, before the final battle.