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Development of Functions


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Aug 3, 2009
First before I start, I guess it'd be somewhat important to clarify my age so that it can be taken into account in the analyzation.

Now I'm 17, pretty young. Was introverted for most of my life... but recently have become QUITE EXTROVERTED. Actually though if I think about it only if I feel comfortable with myself and the people I'm around.

I've met some great people during this time, and have been developing functions which i believe to be Fe/Se. I'm not so sure which it is. I readily show emotions AND follow impulses. Sometimes I feel I can be a bit insensitive though..
I don't see the Fe working in a way that I would see an INFJ using it. I dunno, perhaps my perception is wrong.
I don't feel intuitive lately but I'm enjoying it a lot! For once I'm getting friends who help me follow impulses and show my emotions.

Another thing is while it IS nice.. I feel that part of it has become a social mask.
It seems so easy--Life seems so easy for people who follow Fe/Se/I guess any extroverted function.

Anyways, I think my Ni is being PUSHED BACK.

I think I'm having confusion because the extroversion seems so overwhelming. Can anybody explain to be how INFJs would act according to their different levels of development?
I remember reading something, I wish I could remember where, which claimed that each of our four preferred functions started developing at a specific age. The secondary function started showing itself around puberty, the tertiary in late teens or early twenties, and the inferior sometime in the thirties.

I don't know how much stock I put in that, but looking back it does seem to more or less hold true for me. I don't know how much of that is just seeing what I'm looking for though.
It is possible to work on two functions at a time. You might have been very confortable with Ni, supplemented by Ti for most of you life. Now, you are trying on Fe and Se for size. Most of this sounds like Fe to me, which makes sense as Se is very unconfortable for INFJ's.