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Compatibility with people where you live


Sep 5, 2009
Got to thinking about how connected, compatible, or relatable we feel with people in our area, community, city, region, town, etc.

Sometimes, i feel a big disconnect, mainly cultural and sometimes personal, with the people who live in my area, etc. There's a feeling of difference i can't articulate. There's no connection, etc. There's the sense of always having to try a bit too hard to feel somewhat at ease. Not that i don't interact or have good relationships with people, but there's a definite disconnect with the culture of the cities/towns where I live.

So, do you feel a sense of compatibility with people where you live? If yes, how? If not, why do you think?
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I feel disconnected from everyone really, but I've decided that it's inherent in my personality and has nothing to do with people "around here."
Not that everyone needs to be compatible with everyone else in the town or city they live in, but it helps to have people similar enough to you so that you feel at least somewhat compatible so that if you interact with them, you feel fairly normal. Even when i try to blend in, still feels like i stick out like a sore thumb :D
I definitely feel disconnected from the community I live in. I think part of it may be that most ppl around here are nosy, loud, obnoxious, rude and have no sense of class. Nearly all the boys (99%) have silly haircuts and tacky jewellery and loud-engined cars... The girls wander around aimlessly, trying to get their