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Business needs to get with the times


Right the First Time!
Jun 12, 2008
Not sure what forum this should be in, guess it's not much an INFJ topic. :p

Anyway when I was at university I did a bit of research into business practices and what I found was a huge difference between what theorists and academics suggest Business should be doing and what Businesses actually put into practice.

Current businesses are run based on a 1950's model of how things should be done, long term planning, rigid management structure and a very tall hierarchy. Streams and streams of "reports" being produced and passed up to management. This model of business management is ideal for the kind of stable economic and technological conditions that were found in the 1950's. You forecast and plan for the future because it's relatively easy to predict what next year will be like and the year after and so forth. You stick to these plans no matter what.

What academics have realised is that those stable conditions found after WW2, the period in which modern business practices were forged was a blip. Those conditions just don't happen these days, the environment is constantly changing, radical new technologies are popping up every year, globalization and the internet means new competition can hit you out of nowhere. So academics have proposed a new business model, one which involves little long term planning (what's the point? by the time the report has been written conditions have changed, by the time the recommendations have been implemented the opportunity has been lost), planning ahead is too restrictive when tomorrow everything could be different and innovation is needed. So the new business model needs to be based on awareness of the environment, flat management structure so decisions can be made quickly and therefore the business has the ability to completely change direction on a dime and innovation must be encouraged and not stifled by plans and company regulations.

This seems to me to be a conflict between a TJ approach to business and the TP approach. I think the ENTP/INTP/ESTP/ISTP entrepreneurs are going to take over commerce with this new approach and leave the smelly old E/ISTJs in their wake.

Any thoughts?