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Shai Gar

At this point, I'm wondering if perhaps I should join Jokers team...

These are two pictures of Inverted Takedowns that I've been doing. I wish I could record this. I've strung up all of his mates, and every now and then, I throw a Batarang at him. He's terrified, and his BP is up at 157... When I finally took him out it was a mercy, I don't think someones blood pressure should be at 154 - 157 for twenty minutes.


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I think I might actually like this game if I were to play it, it seems very interesting. I know for a fact I would love to watch someone play this (I enjoy that over actually playing).

Comon though shai, why wouldn't you join the jokers team?! :tongue1:
Three more, larger res.

In a computer game, it's easier not to play on the jokers team, because all of my options for how I'd do things would not be available. Come on, it's GOTHAM CITY. It'd take them decades to program a game with all the options necessary for me to run with my Ne.


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