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Aww! Special Needs Bunny!


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Nov 29, 2008
I don't know why I loved this so, but I did. I know, I know...some people eat rabbit. But this was adorable to me.


or, since the link doesn't work...:p
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I absolutely agree. You don't put an animal down if it is not in constant continual pain, just because it's disabled.

I told my parents that if my cat broke a leg that he was going to have his leg reset and put onto one of those walkers and not put down or I was going to go around town and put down every single disabled person from quadraplegics to people with a limp. I think they got the point.

Pets matter.
That's cute. The lady isn't very bright though. Kill it if it's front legs stop working! So she would kill quadriplegics but not paraplegics. Wonder what she'd do if three limbs went bad...

Sorry, kind of going off on a moral tangent.