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Apologetics Anyone?


Aug 10, 2010
dominant ext
Since there are so many questions raised and issues discussed concerning people
I don't think he is. Actually, I suspect he typed this all out at an earlier date. Not that there's anything wrong with that.

A quick google search shows that he's a real person at least. I'll have to chew through that post later. It's a lot of text.
Why have I been notified of this?
I was told that I had commented on this before I ever did.
After A Week In This Thread

After A Week In This Thread----I'll just say it was good to get some responses. Often the length of this post at various sites puts readers who prefer the convention of short internet posts--on their guard or they just don't read the material. But those who do read my post and those who take my challenge seriously(for my post does pose a challenge) often get into an interesting dialogue. I look forward, as I say, to such dialogue in the months ahead.-Ron in Tasmania
You're right, that post is too long for me. I read some of it though now that I know you're not a bot. Thinking you might be one is nothing personal. We don't get them much on the INFJ forums for people who aren't trying to sell things, but on other forums bots are often created to spread or attack ideas, especially political forums.

I know a good amount about the Baha'i faith, and it doesn't really have much to be an apologist for in my opinion. It is a very forward thinking religion. There is one thing that I do take issue with though: The Universal House of Justice is all male. Is this not sexist?