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Anyone with rosacea


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May 21, 2012
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I have very light, sensitive skin and have always blushed/flushed easily. Recently I have noticed that the redness isn't always going away and I have started getting these little broken blood vessels on my nose, cheeks, and chest that look like rosacea.

Does anyone know of any home remedies for this redness? It's gotten to the point that I'm ready to start looking for a green concealer to attempt hide it.
Yup I have it. I do use green concealer around my nose. I don't know any way to get rid of it entirely though. Just try to avoid alcohol and caffeine.
Try eating a really good diet and using sulfur soap.
I'm not a drinker, so avoiding alcohol is easy, caffeine is the hard one for me! I just have to get my 2 cups of coffee in every morning and my jasmine green tea every night.
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I had some slight rosacea a few years ago - late 2010, actually. It's not been proven but many people think it's actually an overabundance of certain bacteria in the gut. Just because it shows up on the skin of your face doesn't mean it's a problem with the skin on your face. Just like allergies aren't really a problem with the eyes and nose - it's simply where the symptoms manifest. Moreover, the bacteria seems to be exacerbated by heavy carbohydrate consumption, alcohol, etc.

Anyway, I went to the dermatologist and they put me on a 30 (or it might have been 60) day regimen of antibiotics. I took them faithfully, cut my carb intake down to almost nothing, started eating a ton of vegetables, drinking water, all that kind of stuff one should be doing anyway. That seemed to take care of 95% of it and I've not had any problems since. If I eat a shitload of spicy food and binge on carbs for days in a row I might get some small spots but it's not a big deal.

Again, the whole bacteria / carb thing is unproven but I would say there's strong anecdotal evidence in my case. I also think early prevention (I took the antibiotics ASAP) was key.
I make sure I drink a minimum of 2 liters of water daily and have for years. I also primary eat fruits and vegetables.

I have had some major stress going on in my life for the last few months, and while I'm usually not big on sweets, recently I've been craving BabyRuth candy bars. I also had an appendectomy in late October, and it seems like my body has been going haywire sense that point. I've had issues with my bowls, hormones, and even a MS flair up that landed me in the hospital on steroids, and now skin problems to top it all off! :lol:
Does rosacea itch or burn? If not, I'll trade these mystery rashes for it. I don't have any suggestions though, i'm sorry.
it burns in places, almost like a sunburn. If it gets too bad it can affect your eyes thicken your skin and add knobby bumps to your nose. I t also comes with something like acne, even in high-school I didn't get zits, and spiderweb like broken blood vessels.