Any one a musician? Any one using Sonar? Any one getting really f"cking annoyed at it!?


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On the relatively slim chance that others here compose using Sonar (I know there's better programs but this is the one I have a cracked version of!) How the hell do I group my drums so that I don't have to copy and paste? And has anyone got tips for making drums sound less cheesy? I'm using sampled "real" drum sounds I got from a friend but they still sound synthetic.

Here's hoping there's some other musicians out there...
You just need to get a bunch of VSTs and find the drum sound you are wanting.

I can't remember how to use Sonar, it's been too long.
What exactly do you mean by group your drums so you don't have to copy and paste? I don't use Sonar, but I know a couple other DAWs and MIDI...