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An example of Ni


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May 27, 2009
I was watching a "medical mystery" show on the Discovery Health channel last night about a 10yo boy with ADD that took Ritalin who was found dead in his room one morning. They had ruled out abuse, asthma, and an infection of the heart. Then all of a sudden the thought came to me "Pharmacy screw-up, they gave him the wrong pills". When the blood tests came back they said that he had no Ritalin (aka Methylphenidate) in his system but instead had lethal levels of Methadone, a narcotic given to recovering heroin addicts. And then they go on a wild goose chase looking for where the Methadone came from I'm screaming at the TV "Pharmacy screw-up!!!", and turns out, it WAS a pharmacy screw-up caused when they switched from brand-name Ritalin to generic Methylphenidate. The pills looked similar and the names were similar and so a screw-up occurred, the kid was taking Methadone for 3 weeks, and the effects of the pills were dismissed by his doctor as the flu.

But good call! My dad and I use our Ni like that all the time!

Consequently, my male NTP friend tries to make those kinds of predictions on movies but usually overblows it. Though I don't know whether that's his natural Ne paranoia unchained by Ti or the fact that he's on medication for schizophrenia. I think Ni is why INTJs sometimes say that things are 'obvious' when in fact they're not if Ni isnt a natural process to you.
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I saw that show and thought the same thing. It's too bad that the medicine was the wrong kind and killed him. Plus they were stacking doses of Methadone and his little body could not deal with all of it. Very sad...