Ambiguous Headline Thread

Detective Conan

Doesn't Cast Shadows
So, Forum, this is an imagination exercise to see what kind of ambiguous statements you'd like to see in the headlines of a paper or some other source. Also, I suppose if you must, you can share some ambiguous statements you've seen from other sources, despite this being an exercise for your imagination.

I'll go ahead and start this off with:

"Prostitutes Appeal to Pope."

Let the word-play begin :m155: :m029:
"Man Eaten by Snake, Lives"
No wordplay but I wanna see it :P
Man Sues Cracker Barrel for slander,
victim claims he was repeatedly called an "ig-no-ray-mouse" and "Just plain dumb"
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Huh? I wasn't judging anything, merely a play on words. smh.
smh back
Scientists Discover Evidence Which Supports That Love Is Made Of The Same Ingredients As Strawberry Milk.
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