after a little more research


I have come to the conclusion that I'm an infp instead of an infj. How exciting is that? The one thing that was majorly confusing me was the judging/perceiving functions, I seem to score around 50-50 for both of them, but after reading the profiles and such I would definitely agree on being more of an infp
Hmmm. My N/S preferences switch a lot of the time, so I can relate to that. But I feel like a mixture inbetween both of them because some of the S applies for me, but not all of it. N seems about right. But I hear that people who take this test years from the first time they took it often get different results; I think it's just changing aspects of one's personality. Though, I suppose some people are stubborn in their ways.
People's results to change over time, it is human nature. We evolve, and as such, part of what makes us, us, changes.

I have noticed for alot of people here, the J/P is often in a tossup, and takes time and thinking to determine which is the driving one. Seeing the order of all of the functions really shows me if someone is an INFJ or INFP.
INFJ's have a harder time "sweeping things under the rug". In otherwords, we will dwell on something for much longer, and but much more thought (even if it is unwanted) into it. Where as INFP's may get away from this much more easily, and drift away into a fantasy world.

INFJ's can more confortably be "direct" with people, and when put in the situation, can direct people and projects. INFP's have more trouble with that.

Also, alot of INFP's are late for EVERYTHING! It drives me INASNE! GAH!