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Abusive Relationship

Everyone who has posted so far:
Thank you for the advice and perspective. I think I've decided to bring it up with her in private, despite what consequences may arise from it.

Sure, she definitely might not be pleased about it. But what a lot of posters said is right. While I know that I am, perhaps, a little too emotional to detach myself from this situation, I have a responsibility to tell her about my concerns. I also have a responsibility as a friend to let her know that I will be there for her, regardless of the amount of worth put into my observations.

Thank you a million times over for the advice and the concern.
In my personal experience there are people out there who manipulate others, are abusive and cause harm. They are dangerous because they are not aware of it, or alternatively they are aware to some extent and don't care. I'm talking about people with narcissistic personality disorder and further up on the scale psychopathy. It's very dangerous because the abuse can be subtle and they can gas light you, deny things they've said and done, switch round on you and generally act so inconsistent as to try to make you think your going mad. I had personal experience of this but never knew what it was till someone told me and I read about it. That really helped me a lot because I had information and understanding and could get out. Someone treating you that way consistently can be very damaging!